I love sari but I dont wear Em: The Six yards Story

Hi semua, let me tell you that sarees can be made into virtually any dress style. So here are some of sample dress and 'baju kurung' that are made using saree fabrics. 





Note: These sari still available : code 0006,0010,0004 All at RM 120 each(postage include)
 Kid's wear :
Using different color sari to

Dress #1:

 *1950's Metallic-Gold Threaded Baby-Blue & Royal-Purple Print Sari-Silk
*Seductive Low-Cut Plunge Nipped-Waist Halter & Cropped Bolero-Jacket
*Cocktail-Length Bombshell Matching-Belt Pleated Full Circle-Skirt Design

Dress #2:
Handmade designer two piece cocktail ensemble. Strapless dress has hidden boned, silk lined bodice & back slit. Over dress is halter-style, pleated, with hook closure in front. Fabric is deep pink sari silk with woven gold threads. Great piece!

Dress #3:
Take on all potential threats in this cute little Asian inspired, kimono top A-line dress. Made of a silky poly sari fabric. Made to order in your measurements. Please specify your bust, waist, hip and height measurements and fabric choice in the notes section of your order. Also available in light pink, aqua, plum and lavender..

 #littleindka says: I can show you the details on how to design this cute kiddy dress. Email me at littleindka@gmail.com

and more, will update soon .

The part two :
DO you love sari? and Yes, of course,but we dont wear them, if your indian, we dont wear it as often like those in the dramas, and yes, not indian definitely these saris will taking up valubable real estate in your closet ... 

sarees are beautiful – timeless and classic. 

So what can you do with them? Redesign them into dresses and outfits for yourself!Bear in mind sarees can be made into virtually any dress style. So here some of the sample:

Dress and more dress, you can check out their website for more details..
A slinky sari made into a empire flare dress.



 Red Corset
Saris gets Louis Vuitton’s

Kids simple dress

Image of Pink Lemonade Sari Dress - 4T

More and more from http://www.etsy.com

For baju kurung and kebaya- combination match in heaven. Being in Malaysia, I cant avoid but loving these baju's.. you can look grand and decent at the same time but mostly, theys such a graceful outfit. 


check them out, their specializing on baju kurung and kebaya.. love those graceful design... thumbs up!!